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Bank of the Sierra

Changing Where We Live for the Better

The Sierra Grant Program was designed to take hard work and great ideas further. Bank of the Sierra’s promise is to help make every community we’re a part of better, and the Sierra Grant Program has been doing just that since 2004.

What Is It?

The Sierra Grant Program offers community-driven grants, usually between $1,000 to $5,000, to local non-profits who are making a difference in the Bank’s footprint.

Bank of the Sierra accepts grant applications during four quarterly cycles every year. Please take this timeframe into consideration when applying for a specific program or event. Grants received during the quarter will be reviewed and awarded during the first month of the following quarter.

Who We Give To

The Sierra Grant Program works to give grants quarterly to nonprofit organizations throughout each of Bank of the Sierra’s markets. Our branches partner with local schools and community-minded organizations to achieve a common goal: improving the quality of life for individuals, families, and communities.

When determining which organizations should be awarded Sierra Grants, Bank of the Sierra focuses on the following areas:

Community Services

The Sierra Grant Program focuses on funding programs that provide underprivileged  children, families, and individuals with services that promote health and well-being in our communities. Programs that support underserved or low-to-moderate income individuals and groups groups are of particular interest to us.

Examples include:

      • Healthcare clinics and other initiatives designed to provide services to those with limited access
      • Community services that assist families in crisis
      • Organizations that serve the well-being of low-to moderate income individuals, families, children and the elderly
      • Services that help stabilize low-to-moderate income families
      • Financial education and literacy services

Park Preservation

The Sierra Grant Program provides direct support to Sequoia and Kings Canyon National Park and other agencies that work to preserve the Sierra Country.

Education Services

The Sierra Grant Program assists schools and community-based nonprofit organizations that enhance the educational development of local children.

Examples include:

      • After-school programs and organizations that provide children with constructive learning opportunities and mentorship
      • School partnerships

Affordable Housing Service

The Sierra Grant Program focuses on supporting nonprofits with housing solutions for those in need.

Examples include:

      • Housing services for displaced families and individuals, including transitional housing, shelters, referrals, and social services
      • Nonprofits with rental payment assistance for low-to-moderate income families
      • Educational programs about homebuying

Economic Development Services

The Sierra Grant Program supports organization with services that assist small businesses and small farms.

Examples include:

      • Nonprofits that provide workforce training and job placement services for low-to-moderate income individuals
      • Organizations that offer technical assistance or supportive services for small businesses and small farms
      • Organizations that assist small businesses and small farms with finding financial support

Revitalize/Stabilize Community Improvement Services

The Sierra Grant Program focuses on nonprofits with plans and services to improve areas with low-to-moderate income individuals and families. These organizations must be tied to an approved federal, state, local, or tribal government plan.

Examples include:

      • Services to assist with approved plans to revitalize or stabilize a low-to-moderate income tract area
      • Services to help attract new or retain existing businesses or residents through an approved plan

Who We Don’t Give To:

  • For-profit organizations
  • Programs outside Bank of the Sierra’s branch communities
  • Religious organizations for religious purposes
  • Advocacy or research groups
  • Educational institutions for regular instructional programs
  • Individuals
  • Political organizations

Interested in applying for a Sierra Grant?

How to Apply